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14 Mar 2014
Connoisseur: Jen
'We order from here all the time. My better half does not eat rice or potatoes, in the past we have always exchanged the rice and potatoes for salad with no problem. This time the girl on the phone was rude. I explained to her what I wanted and she put the order thru. When the food got here it was half the size of the plate and full charge. I called back and they argued with me that they cant give salad instead of rice. Well let me tell you in all the years I have dealt with them it has never been an issue until now. I will never order from here again as well I would encourage others not to do so as well. Working in the restaurant business myself I am mesmerized by the awful customer service I was given. Five thumbs down!'
8 Dec 2013
Connoisseur: knittyknatty
'Greek delivery food is, depending on what you order, a fairly healthy alternative to delivery pizza. The food is fresh and tasty.'

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