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16 Oct 2015
Connoisseur: Bae
'This shit was da bomb dot com!!! Real talk order this asap boiiiiii'
24 Sep 2015
Connoisseur: Tom
'The food is always very flavourful. The delivery service is fast and the food is always hot. The selection is very good considering that this establishment is take-out only. I would recommend it to anybody who is a fan of Chinese food.'
22 Feb 2014
Connoisseur: Paula
'We have been ordering from New China for almost 15 years - food is always delicious and we love the fast delivery.'
27 Sep 2013
Connoisseur: Tracy
'Consistently good and reliable. Don't hesitate to try them.'
26 Jan 2013
Connoisseur: Kevin CruikshankR
'Being in the roofing business I eat all over this over all is very good KMC ROOFING'
7 Nov 2012
Connoisseur: anonymous
'The information on this page is not accurate please call 613-521-2222 for the most up-to date information.'
4 Nov 2012
Connoisseur: TheWickedOne
'Fast delivery, delicious food, tasted great the next day.'

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-George Carlin
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