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10 Nov 2015
Connoisseur: Becca
'Like om like nom nom'
8 Nov 2015
Connoisseur: Heidi
'We have never been disappointed with this place - I've been going since the mid 90's. Best spring rolls anywhere. :)'
31 Oct 2015
Connoisseur: C P
'Ordered 10/31/15 around 5:00 Service was just fine by me.'
25 Sep 2015
Connoisseur: Lufu
'The child that answers the phone doesn't understand how the business is run. Rude over the phone. They will shut down if they are not careful. WORD GETS SROUND Bad customer service. Food is good. But find somewhere else they are not worth the service.'
11 Aug 2015
Connoisseur: Taylor
'I order from here at least once a week and its always hot when I get it and very fast. Chicken balls are awesome, would recommend to anyone!'
29 Jul 2015
Connoisseur: Patricia
'We order once a week from this spot. The food always arrives very hot and is consistently delicious.'
17 Apr 2015
Connoisseur: Brit
19 Mar 2015
Connoisseur: Raimie
'This place is amazing.. All the people who say it isn't are crazy. This is delicious Chinese food at a reasonable price. Nobody else offers general taos in the combo plate without extra charge! Love this place!!'
14 Mar 2015
Connoisseur: Tom
'According to the date on the back of page 6, this menu is printed in 2008, so the prices does not reflect the 2015 prices.'
31 Jan 2015
Connoisseur: David
'Great food, and they always deliver quickly when we order. Highly recommended!'
18 Nov 2014
Connoisseur: Julia
'The food is really expensive and service is slooowww.'
6 Nov 2014
Connoisseur: james
'I have known Ling since the late 80s ' and the food has been excellent as well as the prices. They get so busy it does take time to get ur order but that is because they are so good. Who else gives general cows in the combo platter without extra charge? They are the best.'
4 Nov 2014
Connoisseur: Hal
'Food is really good! Very good prices too! Really amazing!'
17 Oct 2014
Connoisseur: ugh
'Not happy with service. food is bland and the menu isn't updated here. Takes forever to come.'
4 Oct 2014
Connoisseur: John
'Beware: apparently if they say your food will take 45 minutes to arrive, it's secret code for "we're never going to deliver it to you".'
21 Sep 2014
Connoisseur: Customer
'Do you ever notice your delivery or take out bill charges tax however there is no tax # on the bill. When they ring your order up on the cash there is no paper in machine or they have it turned off. So they are charging tax and I'll bet they do not claim or report it.'
21 Sep 2014
Connoisseur: stoni
'best chinese ever. EVER. & good portion sizes'
12 Aug 2014
Connoisseur: mike
'this place is gone down hill . the price for 1 combo is crazy and i dont want no mediocre. i dont want no mediocre. i dont want no mediocre. i go to panda express now.'
25 Jul 2014
Connoisseur: scott
'Staff at the front are sullen and miserable, as if the customer is intruding on them. The food is below average. This place came recommended as having great food, it was dry and tasteless, the earwig that ran across the front counter should have been enough to just walk out. Cross this one off the list.'
6 Jul 2014
Connoisseur: Til lil
'AWESOME FOOD! So delicious! Cheap prices as well!'
13 Jun 2014
Connoisseur: hateful customer
'ordered 2 combo plates and 6 egg roll 32.32$ yes the food is good I agree but what the hell is with this price its no buffet seriously !!!!!'
23 Apr 2014
Connoisseur: emma&dylan
'very good way better than the food in china@!!'
5 Apr 2014
Connoisseur: Salah Fatah
'This place is the BOMB! Good food, good price, great service!'
29 Mar 2014
Connoisseur: Lili Sil
'Asia Garden is honestly one of the best chinese food i've ever tasted. They're very good and fast and the food tastes soooo awesome! Comes at a cheap price too! Asia Garden is AWESOME!'
28 Mar 2014
Connoisseur: Bnzboi
'Been living in the "hood" for years. Always order from this place. Really great food and friendly service.'
26 Mar 2014
Connoisseur: hungry
'Not in their delivery area :( (Richmond rd.). I still want to try the food though ;)'
14 Mar 2014
Connoisseur: girl
'Good food....if the waiting time doesn't kill you first'
17 Dec 2013
Connoisseur: loulou
'Great food! delivery SUCKS! waited almost 2hrs for delivery!!!'
9 Dec 2013
Connoisseur: n8
'great food. Order all the time!!! big orders'
29 Nov 2013
Connoisseur: Fatima
'Best Chinese food ever!!!! So yummy! 😋😋'
27 Nov 2013
Connoisseur: tristan
'very good'
30 Oct 2013
Connoisseur: Barney
'The prices have gone up a bit since this menu. Add an average of 1.00 per dish. Free Fried Rice with order over $33, Free Wings with order over $45. Food is good though!'
15 Oct 2013
Connoisseur: Jessie
'i love the foods in here omg they are really yummy!!'
2 Sep 2013
Connoisseur: Rosalyn
'Love, love, LOVE this place. Moved away from the city for a couple years, couldn't wait to be back in delivery range. BEST Chinese I've ever had!!'
3 Aug 2013
Connoisseur: Nelly
'HAS TO BET THE BEST CHINESE FOOD I EVER TASTED heaven in a plate ! But could do better delivery wise'
8 Jun 2013
Connoisseur: A neighbour...
'Wow...best food..tasty...fast & very well priced. Highly recommended :)'
27 May 2013
Connoisseur: may
'Your delivery service sucks!!!!!!!'
27 May 2013
Connoisseur: Millbrook
'Combo 10, nuff said. Do it up.'
26 May 2013
Connoisseur: Every Carleton Student
'This has to be the BEST Chinese food in the world! Never been to China, but this is probably better than the real thing. Combo #2!!!'
24 May 2013
Connoisseur: Mo
'I'm a little conflicted about this place. The first time I ordered it was greeaaat, but the second time I opted to get a combo and asked if I could sub the fried rice for chow mein and this resulted in two bizarre things. 1) The girl said nothing about there being a substitution charge and they tried to tack on an extra $3 for it (I wouldn't have ordered it in that case) They were nice and took it off though so fine whatever - probably should've asked anyways. BUT 2) Their chow mein is apparently just bean sprouts with 10 deep fried wonton strips on top. I have nothing good to say about it but if that's apparently worth an extra $3 I have no idea what's up with this place.'
12 May 2013
Connoisseur: ivy
'the food is great... but the driver could not deliver to my door. wanted me to come downstairs or i pay him extra $1 for parking. thats not impressing at all.'
20 Apr 2013
Connoisseur: May
'Ha! Asia Garden is just tooo good! makes my day all the time'
9 Apr 2013
Connoisseur: Ashant
'best food ever tried in my life... i tried it wen i was small and since i have only been eatin at this restaurant. TRY IT!!!'
28 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: khan
'their schezuan chicken is from heaven.'
25 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Cassidy
'Asia garden is unreal!!! have been ordering from here since I came to Carleton University 3 years ago!! keep it up!! COMBO NUMBER 2 ALL DAY, ERR DAY!!!'
24 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Debra
'Have been ordering takeout from Asia Gardens for years. Their food is the best Chinese food. The butterfly shrimp is always delicious. Only other place I will order from is Golden Palace on Carling.'
10 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Josef ``The Duke`` Crawlanski
10 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Mauricio ``El Matador` Gonzalez
'Asia Garden is by far the best Chinese food in the not just the universe, but the galaxy.'
10 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Monsieur Jeanne-Pierre LeBlanc
'Esteban is right. Asia Garden should be Earth`s first introduction to any aliens in our universe, it`s that good.'
10 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Esteban Juan Franco the III
'Asia Garden is quite possibly the best chinese food in North America'
6 Jan 2013
Connoisseur: Rafael
'Asia garden is better than sex '
12 Dec 2012
Connoisseur: Vladimir
'Asia Garden! More like Asia Heaven! This place is awesome'
20 Oct 2012
Connoisseur: Jack
'There was actually no manager at that time and the people who worked there did not speak English very well except the manager who was on vacation and the delivery guy got fired when the manager came back'
20 Oct 2012
Connoisseur: cathy
'It does not matter what we order it is always perfect. And they are the nicest people. Asia Garden is the only palce we will order from.'
17 Oct 2012
Connoisseur: George
'Too slow in delivering, the urge to eat your food leaves my system.'
6 Oct 2012
Connoisseur: Jeffery Hines
4 Oct 2012
Connoisseur: Mel
'great service, great food! Have been going here for 5 years and wouldn't dream of having chinese anywhere else. They even remember us when they have delivered to our new addresses!'
27 Sep 2012
Connoisseur: Nadia
'Absolutely amazing food! Fast and friendly service and worth every penny. I have never had anything that I have not found to be absolutely delicious. Best Asian food in the city hands down!'
14 Sep 2012
Connoisseur: Julio
'I like it a lot!'
11 Sep 2012
Connoisseur: lado
'omg so god cheniese food..testi too'
20 May 2012
Connoisseur: wollen
'this is the best chinese food, maybe even food on earth, i have been going here for 15 plus years, its never nothing short of succulant.the chicken wings are amazing, and the speciality made green peppar spare ribs are suitable for a mans last meal. cheers asia garden, you rock'
14 Feb 2012
Connoisseur: Karen
'Great food! The delivery guy was fantastic! We didn't know the elevators were broken in our building, but he climbed 21 flights to deliver our food! Best service ever!'
1 Jan 2012
Connoisseur: Ryan Murray Stewart
'I like to make bic orda's from the chinese peepo, asia garden have like a so much foot fo me, i like to eat chicken baw wit my famry so my son can be fat boi'
2 Dec 2011
Connoisseur: Mr. Sun of Beach
'I am Chinese, born in China and they even have my favourite food from the homeland... Chicken Balls... Back in China we used to eat these a hundred at a time.'
15 Nov 2011
Connoisseur: The Orator
'this place is the epitome of gourmet food. The combo platters give off the air of mass consumerism as well as the subtle art of communal living. Asia Garden is actually a grand metaphor for the harmony of people, the ability to come together with food, especially chinese food.'
11 Nov 2011
Connoisseur: theduder
'I never had a problem with delivery, I always get someone who could be like 16-20; since I live right across the street, I usually pick up anyway. Food is great and they give you a lot for the price. I kind of miss the Chinese takeout place that was in the Chateau Royale though, it was slightly better.'
3 Nov 2011
Connoisseur: Big Guy
'sick place but the delivery guy sucks!!!!!!!!!!!'
15 Oct 2011
Connoisseur: Krystyna M.
'Absolutely delicious. My roomates and I used to find this place legendary... LMAO to hear about that delivery guy (because we always found something 'off' about him, but never got attacked or anything XD) One time, we ordered around 110.00$ worth of food and they came to the house, but they brought the MANAGER with them. Just in case it was a prank I guess. Anyway, they certainly have one. We tipped 25$!!!! I'd still eat there though :).'
13 Oct 2011
Connoisseur: Minsew
'Excellent Food. The best restaurant for the price. Very high quality food and they supply you with vast amounts. They will also give you deals such as free friend rice and free chicken wings. The delivery is great, always on time and very polite. I will recommend this restaurant for all, specially students who are trying to find a good deal.'
1 Oct 2011
Connoisseur: D.O
'Good food. Amazing. BUT there is one delivery guy that's just a plain ASSHOLE. Last year he tried running my friends and I over with his car, cause we didn't have enough change!'
28 Aug 2011
Connoisseur: Jared
'CALLED THE COPS ON THE DELIVERY GUY!!!!!! my gf complained that he was 45min late and he verbally attacked her, he would not take the receipt so she put it on the ground - then he yelled at her to pick it up. I came to the door and told him to leave - he refused to let me shut the door and then TRIED TO SPIT ON ME. I closed the door just in time and he SPAT ALL OVER OUR DOOR!!! I called the restaurant immediately after and they pretended there was no manager and they did not know English. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS 'so called' BUSINESS!'
20 May 2011
Connoisseur: Erica E.
'Love the Vermacelli Singapore Noodles!'
8 May 2011
Connoisseur: Kauri
'DELICIOUS! one of the only Chinese places my GF and I order from. Speedy, great service and at awesome prices! A++++!'
18 Apr 2011
Connoisseur: koni
'Damnn sonn!!!'
6 Apr 2011
Connoisseur: Blaize
'Na Asian garden fried rice we know oh....;)'
2 Apr 2011
Connoisseur: Chinken F.
'wow. so yummy. so good. makes you lose weight! me like general tao supa spicy good for you.'
26 Jan 2011
Connoisseur: Scorpious
'awesome food great prices quick delivery in the past 20+ yrs the quality has never went down.'
23 Jan 2011
Connoisseur: Jack
'Would be best if it is Halal, brought my cousin who's a Muslim but he cannot try everything. :( Too bad.'
17 Nov 2010
Connoisseur: LuxxyTris
'I go there at least once a week, its about a 4 minutue walk away. Their food is great!!!!! although one time my tummy started aching.... odd...'
7 Nov 2010
Connoisseur: Andrew
'Good food, greasy though, and cheap (~under $10). Can be fast (~20min). Overall it's a take out place. Keeps me going back :)'
24 Jul 2010
Connoisseur: china
'Best Best Chinese in Ottawa, we have tried many of places but nothing tops this.. General Tao chicken. # 10 is AMAZING!!!!!'
22 Apr 2010
Connoisseur: grant
'best place ever'
5 Mar 2010
Connoisseur: Stacey
'This is the only chinese take out I order in Ottawa. Excellent food!!, One of the best Chinese food in Ottawa!!'
3 Jan 2010
Connoisseur: Andrew
'Very good -- big portions -- gotta love the general Tao chicken'

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