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2 Aug 2015
Connoisseur: liz
'Only place i order from good service for delivery'
25 Jun 2014
Connoisseur: Ron
'It's ok. Napolis is waaay better.'
18 Jul 2013
Connoisseur: Zayna
'To be honest, best place to eat! Only if it was closer to my house :( The poutine and pizza are sooooooooooooooooo good! & and it's not too pricey either!'
17 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Adam
'The submarines are awesome'
17 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Blob
'The best pizza and sour keys'
30 Jul 2011
Connoisseur: Carmen
'Fantastic pizza!!!!!'

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-Blaise Pascal
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