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17 Nov 2015
Connoisseur: Dan
'greasy but tolerable, gives me the shits though.....open late for all you rummies.'
7 Nov 2015
Connoisseur: Al
'My wife and I consider ourselves pizza connoisseurs and have been even making our own pizza for decades. I have to tell you, you wont get a better delivery pizza anywhere in Ottawa. Not even close. Because they make authentic Italian/Lebanese type pizza, you will be blow away by the sauce, mix of cheese, crust and spices. They dont mess around wasting time on the phone like others do once they have your address in the system , so, its efficient, fast and in less than a 30 seconds you know how much with tax it will cost you. Very consistent pizza. Bronson Pizza ROCKS. Ordering for 10 years. Dont listen to the bitchers and whiners, they dont know what they are talking about. :-)'
29 Sep 2015
Connoisseur: Jc
'Never ever had a problem ordering here.Always fresh,fast,and just what I've ordered! Ten thumbs up!'
19 Sep 2015
Connoisseur: Jered
'Security guard here, i always order from here. Pizza is awesome. I was away from ottawa for 4 years and when i found work downtown and ordered my first pizza.omg...i got coca cola (ive been off the crap for a few months now) i almost cried. Bronsons IS ottawa. Ive never had a problem with service and the few times i got the wrong pizza i f&$kin ate that s$#t!!! You gotta remember the ppl hating on here are from ottawa so they have high opinion of themselves.....'
29 May 2015
Connoisseur: Patty
'I work nights in the Glebe and this by far is top pizza place, extremely scrumptious, crispy light crust with lots of fresh toppings. Super fast service and decent price. I tried the wings a few weeks ago and OMG why didn't I get these before??? Amazing pizza and wings. Who cares if they aren't all sweet and syrup over the phone!'
16 Apr 2015
Connoisseur: missdebs
'I am NOT an owner or staff... I have been enjoying their pizza for at least 24 years and it's by far the best in Centretown. As far as the service goes - I order - they make it & deliver FAST - I don't see a problem! The ONE time they got my order wrong, they made a new pizza and delivered it in like 20 minutes or so. I gave the pizza with olives (yuk) to my friends and they flipped at how good it is! THANKS GUYS FOR THE GREAT PIZZA AND FAST SERVICE DELIVERY! Oh and if you want to update your menu I'm a graphic designer that could use the work/service-trade... customer from 110 Nelson.'
7 Feb 2015
Connoisseur: Tina
'This is our go to take out pizza place. We've had most of what the city has to offer. Many decent pizza places but this is just as good and cheaper. Comparible to Colonnade depending on what toppings you order & half the price (2 for 1). Fave so far is bacon, sausage & onion - not skimpy on anything. Veg is good too.'
25 Nov 2014
Connoisseur: Hungry!!
'No complaints about quality, zero complaints about customer service..... Just grumpy about BP closing before their advertised hours. If you say you're open, be open!!'
9 Nov 2014
Connoisseur: Steph
'We always order from here! Without fail, always the most delicious pizza. We always get delivery and it never takes too long. YUM.'
10 Sep 2014
Connoisseur: giving it one more try
'When I asked for the garlic sauce the delivery man had forgotten I was told there was many orders and it would be over an hour before he would be able to return with sauce for me. By then the rest of the food would be cold. I was so disappointed. I was offered a credit on my account for the sauce but who knows if it happened. Not happy.'
2 Aug 2014
Connoisseur: Marty
'I know for fact the only good reviews here are done by the owners. (they check the site monthly and spam good reviews'
2 Aug 2014
Connoisseur: Dan
'Worse food and service in Ottawa'
23 Apr 2014
Connoisseur: Nat
'If you are ever looking for great pizza, great chicken wings, a place that's open late and exceptional service, this is the place for you! Bronson Pizza delivers! Anytime we have a gathering we order from them and we are never disappointed. The pizza is unlike any other pizza in the city, they put lots of cheese and are not stingy with their toppings, always fresh and delicious! The chicken wings are also delicious! The small pizza joints are always the best and beat out places like Pizza Pizza and 1 for 1. The service is exceptional, very friendly staff that can accommodate for you! I have never been let down when I go there. They're even perky and kind at 4am which I know I wouldn't be if I was working that late. The best part, delivery until 4am! I don't know of another pizza place that has that option. I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed!'
1 Apr 2014
Connoisseur: Obviousman
'Bunch of tools. Rude, slow service, but good pizza. That's all they got going for them.'
25 Mar 2014
Connoisseur: J.tobias
'Gotta update this menu! A few of the deals( buy 1 sub get the other half off) are no longer an option! Prices are also different on a few items....'
7 Feb 2014
Connoisseur: Guy
'Horrible poutine. Couldn't believe how bad it was for the price.'
10 Jan 2014
Connoisseur: E Cook
'I've been ordering from Bronson pizza for a year now and quite often. The last time I ordered from them I was in shock. The worst delivery driver I could have encountered. I used to be a driver, there is ZERO excuse to be mean and disrespectful to anyone never the less a woman. Such a disappointment. I gave them the best business ordering for friends and recommending their service to others at least 7 times a week. Such a shame.'
3 Dec 2013
Connoisseur: Alisson
'Bronson pizza is super yummy! I'll admit the staff all seem like grumps but they make a good pizza. The crust is always wonderfully light and crisp. It has a buttery flavour to it and boasts fine balance between sweet and sour dough. Two flavours which I find often over-done at a lot of places when it comes to crust/dough. The sauce is always fresh tasting with a low acidity, the herbs are subtle, well-blended and complimentary to the rest of the pizza. The cheese as stated by previous posters is nice and thick and awesomely stringy (ninja turtles stringy), it has a good amount of salt and a natural mozzarella taste. Veggies are always fresh cut and juicy and they know how to properly dress a pizza with red onion. Also, the garlic dip is so good, much less chemical taste than pizza pizza. I love the pizza, the people are assholes most of the time, but they make an awesome pizza.'
27 Oct 2013
Connoisseur: Flannel girl
'I work deep nights and we order from here a lot...pizza is fabulous, sauce is sooo good and the cheese is yummy gooey and the pepperoni is huge! Service is lightning fast, food is always steaming hot and prices are reasonable. This place gets 5 stars for sure!'
19 Aug 2013
Connoisseur: Scott
'Horrendous service! Not once have they got the delivery address right, even though I have consistently told them. The driver was ignorant and disrespectful and their food is mediocre at best. If you have a chance to avoid these fools then please do it...you can thank me later!'
16 Aug 2013
Connoisseur: Loyal Fan
'By far this is the best pizza in the city! We go our of our way to pick up Bronson Pizza as we are no longer in the delivery zone.'
14 Aug 2013
Connoisseur: Pizza Lova
'Best in Ottawa. For the people who talk about bad service .. this is a pizza delivery joint. not fine dining. get a life. It is delicious'
10 Jul 2013
Connoisseur: V
'love the food, so I put up with the service. It ain't fine dining.'
16 Jun 2013
Connoisseur: Dan
'The owners are the only ones leaving good comments on here. (trust me I know)'
28 May 2013
Connoisseur: Victoria
'Service is amazing, pizza is best in town! We order at least once a week!!!!!'
5 Mar 2013
Connoisseur: Michelle
'Service isn't great, but the food is amazing and the price is right.'
24 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Raleigh St. Clair
'There food is ok if you're drunk enough.'
19 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Nick Herczegh
'Not sure if the best in Ottawa or not, but it's the only place I order from anymore. I love the bronson special, great price and perfect for me. Keep it up.'
18 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: sharon
'worst services horrible pizza these people made all these comments down below they are trying to self promote this shit joint of a pizza store very disrespective on the phone STOP ORDERING FROM THESE ANIMALS'
1 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: Adam
'Quality ingredients, good prices, nice pizza'
1 Feb 2013
Connoisseur: John
'The pizza is very good, one of the best in ottawa.. delivery is fast and the staff is courteous'
25 Jan 2013
Connoisseur: Dan
'Mediocre at best'
24 Jan 2013
Connoisseur: Geoff
'Most amazing poutine I've ever had. Service is always pleasant over the phone and they even let me sneak in pre or post hours delivery sometimes!'
20 Jan 2013
Connoisseur: george
'disappointed with the fact they wouldn't deliver our place, great pizza shit service.'
17 Jan 2013
Connoisseur: brad
'refused to deliver only 1 item of food. = poor service. (Hot chicken Sandwich)'
21 May 2012
Connoisseur: Amanda
'I am a little addicted to the poutine! Hot and fresh and so fast!'
23 Apr 2012
Connoisseur: alice grenier
'The best pizza ever.'
20 Apr 2012
Connoisseur: Court
'Bronson Pizza is by far the best Pizza I have ever had! Excellent service everytime...all other restaurants in Ottawa should take a lesson from Bronson...THAT is customer service!'
4 Apr 2012
Connoisseur: Dan
'bronson pizza is amazing! i lovvveee the donairs they are amazing! i am actually going to order right now!'
25 Mar 2012
Connoisseur: Cody and Tiffany
'Bronson pizza is by far the best pizzeria we have ordered from in years! The service is fast and friendly, the delivery guy rarely lets us tip! Friendly faces and great food, from pizza to subs to poutine, its all delicious! I highly recommend the chicken poutine, its TDF! THANKS! Folks of Bronson Pizza!'
5 Mar 2012
Connoisseur: Dan
'My name is also Dan, and I too love Bronson Pizza!'
20 Jan 2012
Connoisseur: Dan
'Pizza is way too greasy and the driver was a bit of a dick. First and last time I order from these guys.'
10 Jan 2012
Connoisseur: Dan
'I have lived in Ottawa for many years and Bronson Pizza is widely recognized as one of the best pizzerias in the city. They are very generous with toppings (including cheese) and their prices have always been very reasonable. A negative review of this place is truly a mystery and likely driven by a hidden agenda. I highly recommend this place. And for you James, I highly recommend the McDonalds up the street. They have several menu options that will surely bring a smile to your face and their pricing is crystal clear.'
8 Jan 2012
Connoisseur: Scott
'It's good for traditional topping pizza only. The other food is below par. Stick with normal pizza toppings and it is quite tasty.'
30 Dec 2011
Connoisseur: Food critic
'Never have had a bad experience from Bronson. Food is great, service great and what more do you need. Don't listen to hater! "oh the price is..." whatever. Make it at home then! Great job guys!!'
19 Oct 2011
Connoisseur: John
'Bronson Pizza consistently delivers great pizza. It's really the only place I order pizza from anymore in Ottawa.'
3 Oct 2011
Connoisseur: James
'WORST PIZZA, they are so dirty. I asked the guy a question on the price of wings and why the menu was different in pricing, and he said "you can order somewhere else". The pizza is horrible, only ordered because they were open late.'
16 Jul 2011
Connoisseur: Dan
'I really love Bronson Pizza, it reminds me of that favourite pizza place from home.'
4 Jun 2011
Connoisseur: Jenny
'The BEST PIZZA in Ottawa ! Fast delivery and quality food .. amazing deals and packages. you really get your moneys worth.. wouldnt go anywhere else'
16 Feb 2011
Connoisseur: Mac Tyre
'Decades of good pizza. Don't let the outside fool you, seriously good food at awesome prices! Staff is always friendly even one the crazy holidays! Delivery is always fast the food is always hot and the drives are polite!'
1 Aug 2010
Connoisseur: Louis
'Hard to beat Bronson Pizza, There is a Pizza place 1 block from me but I still order from Bronson. Talk about FAST delivery and great pizza! Oh yes the delivery guys are very polite and friendly :-)'
8 Jul 2010
Connoisseur: Jane
'Best service and very polite. Anything from the menu I've had is the best:)'
28 May 2010
Connoisseur: Danny
'I can honestly say that Bronson pizza has been my favorite pizzaria in the city for a number of years. They're pizza's are consistantly deliceous and leaves you wanting more. well done.'
24 Apr 2010
Connoisseur: Canadaman
'I always go for pick-up. I always get the mexican pizza which is worth the time to get there. Service has always been courteous and prompt.'
19 Mar 2010
Connoisseur: Vibe Alive
'This pizza crust is the BOMB... it's RIGHT on par with Louis Pizza on McArthur... CRAZY good... I used to live next door, and have been ordering from them for over 10 years now... there food is absolutely AMAZING!!'
11 Jan 2010
Connoisseur: jer
'The service was way less to be desired. They kept calling because they didn't know the location and were over an hour late. after I said i didnt want it when the driver showed up and cussed me out he kept calling me and had the store call me OVER and OVER until I went to get it. SO i paid 20 bucks for cold and stale food. DO NOT go here. I am at CU too..'
4 Dec 2009
Connoisseur: IgotMUNCHIES!!!
'When i get the munchies i go to Bronson Pizza:P'
4 Dec 2009
Connoisseur: Samantha Blue
'Best Pizza Ever!!!!'
4 Dec 2009
Connoisseur: BlazingBong
'Bronson Pizza is really good my friend and I also stick by it :) !!! The menu is great! Nice prices, eetc. GREAT MUCHIES!!!!!!'
20 Nov 2009
Connoisseur: murtle turtle
'pizza is kind of bland with too much grease and crust that tastes slightly undercooked, howver their mexican menu is quite good at a reasonable price, delivery speed is excellent but service leaves something to be desired, rates 4 on my top 10 D/T delivery'
13 Oct 2009
Connoisseur: Nicole
'Bronson Pizza is the best pizza I have every eaten. Mmmmm. My friends and I stick by it!!!'
2 Aug 2009
Connoisseur: Yves

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