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26 Jan 2012
Connoisseur: Farefriends of kingston
'The Mangowhat a treat. Welcome to Phil and Brad, Hope you decide to attend again. A very personable venue that greeted me with the delicious aroma of things to come. Our server was a refreshing character and provided great suggestions when it came to the food and drink. The appetizers were outstanding. The spring rolls were amazing, both the deep fried and cold. You could see the whole shrimp through the rice paper of the fresh shrimp rolls. Phils seafood tom yum was bursting with ingredientsmussels, shrimp, crab, too bad I am not a seafood lover cause it looked good. Randys coconut/curry soup was delicious and rich with an infusion of fresh lime. My crispy tofu and tempura egg plant was great; I think that even Brad liked it after being pressured into trying something new. There was a combo appetizer ordered that combined different spring rolls, chicken satay, and a mango salad that was plentiful and so good, I can still taste it. We had 3 separate sectors at the table that night, 2 of us had the cashew chicken, 2 had the ginger beef, and 2 had the seafood selections. My cashew chicken was great. With the addition of the steamed rice made it a rockin and filling dish. I tried the ginger beef and thoughtWow, next time Im getting the ginger beef. The seafood combo was hearty and rich. The option of rice combos looked so worth it, the fried rice with shrimp meant exactly that, like 6 whole shrimp in the bowl of veg fried rice. Seems to be more than your moneys worth. There was a constant flow of people coming in for take out..that says it all. The food was delicious, and there was lots of it. Great food and great value. Good pick Justin, I probably would have never gone there but now I am sure to go again. Michelle has the next pick and has chosen to go to Pats 887 Division St, Kingston for a Cambodian treat. The date will be revealed later as I have to check my schedule to make sure that I can attend. Heres to looking forward'
13 Jan 2012
Connoisseur: JM
'One of the best if you like Thai food. My friends and I went there a few times a month and ordered delivery almost every week for the last two years. The food is great and the delivery arrived in about 20-30 mins after ordering. But on the weekend you need to be prepared waiting to be served on site or longer time for delivery.'
21 Dec 2011
Connoisseur: Shannon
'I have eaten lunch there almost everyday for the past year and haven't had much to complain about. The food is delicious served hot and I always get my order on time.'
9 Dec 2011
Connoisseur: Student
'Horrible food, horrible service. Waited 2 hours just to have the food arrived cold. Portion was small - for $12, you'd expect to be full, but no (our order was $50) .. Neither me or my friends will ever use this place again. Phnom Penh or Royal Angkor has BETTER FOOD, BETTER SERVICE.'
19 Sep 2011
Connoisseur: Joe
'Food is amazing and service (delivery) was great and really fast. A little expensive but definitely worth it. Ordering out is generally too expensive so i dont do it often. but when i do i choose mango!'
22 Aug 2011
Connoisseur: MM
'The food is pretty good, not as 'authentic' as Phnom Pen where spicy means SPICY, but definitely worth it unless your into the overkill of taste buds. I've been going to Mango for three years and I find the service is a hit or a miss depending on their cycle of servers. Also the dishes are really pretty.'
15 Mar 2011
Connoisseur: e.
'looks like we will not be going there!'
11 Jan 2011
Connoisseur: MED
'Food looked good but service was terrible. Appetizer really tasty but that was all we received. After a 35 minute wait after finishing appetizer the wrong meals arrived. We couldn't wait any longer so paid for the appetizer and sat through a 3 hour theatre production hungry. Too bad but we will never be back.'
4 Dec 2010
Connoisseur: Connoiseur
'Used to be my girlfriend and my favorite restaurant until recently. The last tfew times we have ordered take-out there have been problems with the order, the bill or both. Additionally, the prices have gone up and the serving sizes decreased significantly over the last three years. This was the last chance. No longer going to or ordering from Mango. Disappointing because it is delicious.'
17 Nov 2010
Connoisseur: JK
'The food was excellent but the service was TERRIBLE. Some of the worst I have ever had! Half way through our dinner the waitress said she was moving to take out orders and if we need help we 'could track someone down'. We were out of coffee and water and had to find someone to pay. Both my sister and I are both former servers, who normally tip 25% but not this time. We will never be back.'
3 Jun 2010
Connoisseur: PDS
'The food was awesome, however the service was the worst I had ever had; and it wasn't due to lack of service. My girlfriend and I had the most annoying waiter I had ever had. He stayed too long at the table, talked way to much about himself, and his two other jobs (one was as a greenpeace street solicitor). On top of this he declared everything we ordered to be his favorite drink/dish/desert. And then to top it off, when he brought the bill, he proceeded to explain the items on the bill before dictating the total to me out-loud for the entire restaurant to hear. If you want cheap and awesome pan-asian cuisine, this is your place. If you would like good service and time to eat your meal in peace, (and you like to keep your bill total to your self or maybe your date) go some where else. -PDS'

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