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10 Jan 2012
Connoisseur: rotten food
'This place made me sick. Its dirty and needs cleaning'
17 Dec 2011
Connoisseur: Alex
'What the hell was that. I saw buckets of chicken on the floor. So GROSS i had to tell everyone. TERRIBLE TASTE!'
29 Jun 2011
Connoisseur: Chris
'I never write reviews but this place needs one so no ones wastes thier money SOOOO GROSSSS!!!! you guys need to go to ottawa or montreal to taste some shwarma.'
14 Feb 2011
Connoisseur: robbie
'Has to be the worst shawrma Ive ever had. Coming from montreal, This place is utter filth. Dont waste your money!!!'
4 Jun 2010
Connoisseur: mark
'khalid, they have to cook the chicken twice.this is something the health board wants all shawarma stores in kingston to do.so don't blame them about your chicken coming out of a box.i eat at this place all the time i think its great.if you don't like their chicken get the donair.'
23 Apr 2010
Connoisseur: Khalid Rashid
'Totally agree with Matt - worst Shwarma ever tasted. Too mmany extras, chichken was weighed prior to being reheated. Cooked chicken from the fridge. Could not tell how old the meat was. Just AWFUL. The only thing that was that it said it was "Hallal". As we were stuck with no food for the family.'
10 Feb 2010
Connoisseur: Sophia
'there new number is 613 507 1234.love this place.'
6 Dec 2009
Connoisseur: LUKE
'love this place.the pounair is to die for.if u don't like shawarma,there donair and falafal are amazing.Kingston will never get a proper shawarma place,because the health board wants them to cook the chicken twice.Places in Ottawa where serving chicken raw .making people sick.'
3 Dec 2009
Connoisseur: Matt
'hands down the worst shawarma i've ever had. they can't even make them properly. kingston needs to get some real shawarma places.'
3 Nov 2009
Connoisseur: i'm loven donair
'best donair in town.the guys working there are super cool.the best after bar food tha u can get.'
18 Oct 2009
Connoisseur: yucko
'yuck worst shwarma i have ever had-and i've had a lot! chicken was terribly dry 2/10'
7 Jun 2009
Connoisseur: miko
'I eats here I likes what I eat. It a taste like a good food yes gets ten out of tens! yes!'
4 Jun 2009
Connoisseur: misscool
'This place is excellent, from the friendly and accomodating service to the delicious chicken shawarmas! Late night hours have been very helpful also.'
14 Feb 2009
Connoisseur: Yummy Tummy
'Ok, I just ordered a chicken shwarma from here. This was my first time ordering from here and all I have to say is Fantastic! I got my order in ten minutes and it was so tasty! 10 out of 10.'

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